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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Gideon S. Stolz ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Gideon S. Stolz
TITLE: Mr. GENDER: M MILITARY: Civil War - Union
BORN: 9 Dec 1844 DIED: 10 Jan 1938 BURIED: 13 Jan 1938
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Salem businessman/brewery owner
BIRTH PLACE:  Columbiana Co., Ohio
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
OSBH DC (Marion Co., 1938) #24; Gideon Stolz was born Dec. 9, 1844 in Ohio to parents Jacob Stolz and Mary Keifer, both born in Germany. He was 93 years 1 month and 1 day old, a retired manufacturer, usual residence 575 Court St., Salem. Informant W. T. Stolz, W. T. Rigdon Co.
1870 OH CENSUS - Gideon Stolz, age 26, occupation teamster, b. Ohio, is enumerated with wife Maggie, age 25, b. Ohio, along with Lenta, age 1, b. Ohio.
1910 OR CENSUS - Gideon Stolz, age 65, b. Ohio, is enumerated with his wife of 42 years, Margaret, age 64, mother of 3 children 2 of whom are living at the time of the census, b. Ohio.  Also enumerated is Margaret Cosper, age 46, single, occupation teacher, b. Oregon.

STOLZ, JACOB (Gideon’s father) OBITUARY – The following in from the Dayton, Ohio, Journal of July 24th: “Jacob Stolz, who was buried yesterday in Woodland cemetery, came to America in 1831, moved to Dayton from Columbia county, Ohio, in 1848; was an honored citizen, of a strong mind, and good memory until the last moment of his life. His death took place in his 86th year and merely from old age. He voted for Harrison in 1840, and by his death General Ben Harrison loses a vote. He voted the democratic ticket but once, and at one time had four sons in the Union army, two of whom were killed. Besides his own family, a large portion of this community who knew him best mourn his demise, and will long remember his estimable qualities.” The deceased was the father of Gideon Stolz, of this city, who came to Salem from Dayton, Ohio, in 1873. 
Oregon Statesman 7 August 1888 4:1

PHJOTOGRAPH NOTE - The picture of the Gideon Stolz building is courtesy of Salem (Oregon) Public Library Historic Photograph Collections.  The description which accompanies the photo is: "This photo is of the pickle and cider factory started in Salem in 1897 by Gideon Stolz on Summer Street between Mill & Bellevue. He had started a cider and vinegar works in Salem in 1879 and entered into partnership with two Portland businessmen; they incorporated as the Pacific Cider, Vinegar, and Fruit Preserving Company, which relocated to Portland. Stolz later sold his interest in it and returned to Salem to establish this company. He operated under the G.S. label. The factory site was purchased by Willamette University in 1965 and is now occupied by student housing units and tennis courts".
Gideon S. Stolz Dies; in Salem Over 60 Years.
Last Surviving Charter Member of Sedgwick Post, Grand Army -- Prominent in Business, Civic Affairs; was Council Member -- Gideon S. Stolz, for more than a half century identified with the civic and business development of Salem, died yesterday at the family residence at 575 Court street at the age of 93 years. He came here in 1873 and six years later founded the Gideon Stolz company, manufacturers of beverages and oldest mercantile firm in this community to be operated under the same ownership--for more than 58 years. He was a Civil war veteran, and was the last surviving charter member of Sedgwick Post No. 10, GAR, which was formed here September 26, 1882, by a group of 43 veterans. Ethan Cowles and Henry Stuergnagel, both Salem residents, who were not charter members are the sole survivors of the chapter which disbanded in September 1935. Stolz was last commander of the post, having occupied that office for three terms, was post quatermaster for many years, and was a past department commander for the state of Oregon. 
Mr. Stolz was active up until about two years ago when he last appeared in the reviewing stand for a Memorial day parade. When he retired from business in 1920, his son, Walter T. Stolz, gave up his interests in the Spa restaurant here to direct the Stolz company, and the father bought the 42-acre "Rambler" farm in Polk county in which he maintained an active interest until recently. In civic life he was a city councilman beginning in 1901 and was a strong advocate of improvement in the city's water and sewage system and paving advancement as well as other betterments. 
Beside his GAR affiliation, he was a charter member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, member of Knights of the Maccabees and of the WOW. Funeral services have been set for Thursday at 1:30 p.m. from the chapel of the W. T. Rigdon company with Rev. P. W. Erikson officiating. Honorary pallbearers will be Jack Hughes, U. G. Boyer, D. G. Drager, E. T. Barnes, J. H. Baker and Frank Myers. Active pallbearers are to be drawn from the American Legion members of the city. Interment is to take place in the IOOF cemetery here. Born During the Regime of John Tyler Gideon Stolz was born December 9, 1844, in Ohio during the presidency of John Tyler. The lengthy span of his life is shown in the primitive early farm life remembered when his father cut wheat with a hand scythe among the stumps on the Ohio farm and all other farming operations were carried out in like crude fashion. 
When the civil war came Jacob, one of his brothers, was killed in action at Stone River and another, David, died in a confederate prison. Gideon enlisted three time, once being stationed with a garrison at Baltimore, Maryland and later as quartermaster of a company on the Mississippi river in 1864-65. 
In 1866 he married Margaret Weidinger at Dayton Ohio. Mrs. Stolz passed away in 1929. Two children were born to them in Ohio, Lenta Stolz Westacott, who died in 1928, and Walter T. Stolz, who now resides in Salem. In 1873, the year following the building of the first railroad to Oregon, he brought his family to this state, residing here continuously until his death. Possessing a capital of only $100 he first operated the old Dickenson seed garden, and in 1879 established a cider at Trade and Cottage streets. In 1891 the plant moved temporarily to Portland but returned here in 1897 to be incorporated as the Stolz company of which he was the president; John B. Hileman, vice-president; his son W. T. Stolz, secretary; and C. D. and E. W. Purvine as the other stockholders. The plant prospered and expanded to handle cider, vinegar, apple butter, jelly, pickles and fruit spray, in addition to bottling of mineral waters. The plant is still engaged in its original line of work and is one of the oldest in the state. 
Mr. Stolz is survived by his son, W. T. Stolz; two grandchildren, Margaret Stolz; two grandchildren, Margaret Stolz Marshall, and Richard M. Stolz; and one great grandchild, Martha M. Marshall. Chapman, pg. 42. Oregon Statesman, Jan. 11, 1938, 1:1, 2:1 ...Funeral services will be from the chapel of W. T. Rigdon company Thursday, January 13, at 1:30 p.m. Interment at IOOF cemetery. 
Oregon Statesman Jan 11, 1939, 5:1
Gideon Stolz
1844 - 1938 
Com. B. 
131st Ohio Vol. 
OSBH DC (Marion Co., 1938) #24
1870 OH CENSUS (Montgomery Co., Dayton, FA #27)
1910 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Salem, ED 223, sheet 4B)
Chapman pg 42 
OS 11 Jan 1938 1:1 
OS 11 Jan 1938 2:1
LOT: 560 SPACE: 1 SW LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.182' LATITUDE: W 123 ° 02.883'

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