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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Rosetta Johnson ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Rosetta "Rosa" Johnson
MAIDEN NAME:  AKA 1: Bonter AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 8 Jan 1879 DIED: 28 Dec 1889 BURIED: Dec 1889
ETHNICITY:  African American OCCUPATION:  
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon

1870 OR CENSUS - Rosa, age 5 months, b. Oregon, is enumerated with Wm. Johnson, age 50, occupation painter, b. North Carolina, is enumerated with E., age 35, b. Missouri. 
ADOPTION - Bonter, Jackson: Marion County Commissioners Court Journal, January term of 1872, pg. 599: 
"In the matter of adopting a child: Now on this day W. P. Johnson and Elizabeth his wife present their Petition to this Court Showing that they are residents in said Marion County and also show to the Court that Rosetta Bonter is a child of the age of one year & Eleven months that her mother is dead and ask that they may adopt said child and have her name change to Rosetta Johnson. -- And. Jackson Bonter also files his affidavit herein Showing that he is the father of Said Rosetta Bonter, And also asks the Court that said W. P. & Elizabeth Johnson may adopt Said Child and have her name changed to Rosetta Johnson. It is therefore ordered by the Courts that the Prayer of the Petitions herein be granted And that Said Child adopted by said W. P. Johnson & wife and that she hereafter bear the name of Rosetta Johnson -- All of which is now here done."
1880 OR CENSUS - "Rosa Bonts", age 10, b.  Oregon, is enumerated with [adoptive step-father] William Waterford, age 64l, occupation laborer, b. Tennessee, along with Elizabeth [adoptive mother], age 47, b. Missouri.  Also enumerated are Eldridge Waterford, age 23, b. Canada, and Rufus Waterford, age 19, b. Canada.
NOTE - Salem Pioneer Cemetery Black Pioneer Omnibus dedicated by the Oregon Northwest Pioneers on 1 Feb 2007.

No obituary found in Weekly Oregon Statesman or Daily Oregon Statesman.
Rosetta Bonter 
Adopted dau. of 
W. P. & E. Johnson 
Dec. 28, 1889 
Aged 10 yrs. 11 mos. 20 da

NOTE - William P. Johnson and Rosetta Bonter Johnson's markers were surveyed next to one another in the 1838 DAR Tombstone Transcription survey. Their markers no longer exist.  From their placement in the chonological order of the DAR survey, it seems likely that they are buried in lot #202 or #214, with #215 a more distant 3rd possibility.
DAR pg 4 
1870 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., E. Salem, FA #318)
Marion Co., Commissioners Court Journal, Jan term of 1872, pg 599
1880 OR CENSUS (Multnomah Co., Portland, ED 99, pg 14D)

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