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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Veronica Downs ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Veronica Downs
MAIDEN NAME: Uzafovage AKA 1: Manning AKA 2: Wilson AKA 3: Leath
BORN: May 1829 DIED: 11 Jan 1910 BURIED: 13 Jan 1910
BIRTH PLACE:  Cracow, Poland
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon

MARRIAGE - To Francis A. Manning, Mar. 5, 1848 in Louisville, Kentucky 
[Divorced in Marion Co., 1854]
1850 KY CENSUS -Veronica Manning, age 20, b. Poland, is enumerated with her husband Frank, age 35, occupation bookbinder, b. New York, and daughter Sarah A., age 1, b. Kentucky.  They are enumerated in the home of [her mother] Catherine Uzafovage, age 41, b. Poland, along with Charles Uzafovage, age 13, b. New York, Hugh Owens, age 30, occupation blacksmith, b. Wales, Alexandria Owens, age 18, b. Austria, Ellen Wallace, age 22, b. Kentucky, Elizabeth Medlicott, age 18,. b. Ireland, and Louisa Uzafovage, age 11. b. Kentucky.
2nd MARRIAGE - Veronica Manning & Henry W. Wilson, m 12 Feb 1854; J. D. Boon, J.P. #91, pg 16 
1860 OR CENSUS - Verona [Veronica] Wilson, age 30, b. Poland, is enumerated with Alice Wilson, age 11, b. Kentucky, and Julia Wilson, age 9, b. Indiana.
3rd MARRIAGE - James Leath & Varonaca [Veronica] Willson m 24 Jan 1859, J. D. Boon, Judge, Wit: Lewis & Eliza Byrn #399 pg 119
[Divorced in Marion Co., 1861]
1870 OR CENSUS - V. Wilson, age 40, occupation nurse, b. Poland, is enumerated with J. T. Crump, age 30, occupation butcher, b. Missouri, and J. G. Crump, age 19, b. Indiana, along with E. Parrett, age 21., occupation dressmaker, b. Oregon.
1880 OR CENSUS - V. Willson [Wilson], age 50, b. Poland, is enumerated with adopted son O. D. Smith,. age 9, b. California, and two young male boarders, W. H. Toff, age 9, attending school, b. Oregon, and E. Toelhunter, age 12, attending school, b. Oregon.
4th MARRIAGE - Elias Downs, over 21 & Veronica Leath, over 18, m 19 Sep 1895 at house of Geo. B. Keady by H.A. Johnson, J. P. Aff: John Knight. Wit: Geo. B. Keady & Mrs. G. B. Keady. #4903, pg 184.
DISCREPANCY - DC gives year of birth as 1829, marker as 1827


OSBH DC (Marion County) #183 - Veronica Wilson Downs, widowed, b. May 1829 in Poland, d. 11 Jan 1910 in Salem, Oregon (146 Center St.) at the age of 80 years 8 months, name of father Charles Uzafovage (b. Poland), maiden name of mother Taylor (b. Poland), interment 13 Jan IOOF, undertaker W. T. Rigdon, informant J. G. Butler.


Veronica Usafovage Downs
Cracow, Poland 1827
Arrived in Oregon - 1852
Salem, Oregon Jan. 11, 1910


OSBH DC (Marion County) #183
Saucy Survvey & Photographs
1850 KY CENSUS (Jefferson Co., Louisville, FA #273)
Marriage Records of Marion County Oregon Vol. I, 1849-1871, pg 5 [Henry Wilson]
Marriage Records of Marion County Oregon Vol. I, 1849-1871, pg 23 [James Leath]
1860 OR CENSUS (Multnomah Co., Portland, FA #463)
1870 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Salem, FA #164)
1880 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., S. Salem, ED 79, pg 3)
Marriage Records of Marion County Oregon Vol. VIII, 1894-1897, pg 15 [Elias Downs]


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