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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Gertrude E. Miller ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Gertrude E. Miller
MAIDEN NAME: Moores AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 27 Sep 1851 DIED: 12 Oct 1877 BURIED: Oct 1877
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Music Teacher - Willamette University
BIRTH PLACE:  Danville, Vermillion Co., Illinois
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
Name of father John H. Moores
Maiden name of mother Virginia Lafayette Lamon
See also: Biographical sketch of Moores family in I. R. Moores record.
It is sad enough to part with the aged when they have filled the measure of their days and usefulness and are called home. It is painful to see the rose bud fall ere it has burst forth into bloom, but most painful of all to see the life that has passed to fruition, one who has acquired the ties of home and become endeared by a thousand ties to a community of friends, pass from all the cares and responsibilities of earth, leaving home desolate and many friends bereaved. 
For months past we have watched the waning life of Mrs. Gertrude Miller, a young wife, a young mother and a dearly bereaved daughter, feeling that she was passing through the dark valley and recognizing too, that she was sustained by an unfaltering trust. Life passed from her in gentleness and those who have lost her can remember that her last days showed to the best advantage, the sweetness of her character. 
She grew up among us, was one of us in the truest sense, and society loses one who was not pretentious or exacting, but whose life was devoted to home and friends and whose presence has made the world better and left no stain or wound upon its surface. If there can be consolation for such a loss her friends have it when they remember what she has been to them. (un cited clipping in Moores’ scrapbook) 

Gertrude Moores was born in Illinois, Sept. 26th, 1851. Two years later her parents with their family removed to this city, and for twenty-four years, the deceased has resided in your midst. For several years she was a student at the Willamette University, graduating in the class of 1870, with high honors, only one other attaining equal rank with her in scholarship. For several years she was the teacher of music in the same institution. At the age of eleven she was won to a personal trust in the Savior and united with this church, (M.E) and remained a constant and consistent member till her decease. 
For several years she was a teacher in our Sunday School, and also the organist of the church, and her services were always characterized by efficiency and remarkable faithfulness. She was always at her post. In 1874 she was united in marriage to Miles M. Miller. [excerpted from funeral sermon delivered in the M. E. Church, by the Rev. F. P. Tower assisted by Rev. P. M. Starr, quoted in The Oregon Daily Statesman, Oct. 21, 1877] Moores’ scrapbook
Gertrude E. 
Wife of 
Miles M. Miller 
Sept 27, 1851 
Oct. 12, 1877
DAR pg 32 
Moores' scrapbook

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