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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Mary A. Guild ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Mary A. Guild
MAIDEN NAME: Appley AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 20 Feb 1853 DIED: 19 Aug 1913 BURIED: 31 Aug 1913
BIRTH PLACE:  Windham Co., Connecticut
DEATH PLACE: Lincoln, Polk Co., Oregon
OSBH DC (Polk County 1913) #2913 - Mary A. Guild, female, married, b. 20 Feb 1853 in Windham Co., Connecticut, d. 19 Aug 1913 in Lincoln, Oregon at the age of 60 y's 6 m's, name of father Elias Appley (b. Conn.), maiden name of mother Comley (b. Ireland), interment 31 Aug, undertaker Rigdon-Richardson, informant A. C. Sampson of Salem.
Funeral ordered by A. C. Sampson
1870 CT CENSUS - Mary A. Apley, age 17, b. Connecticut, is enumerated with father Elias, age 59, occupation farmer, b. Connecticut, and Bridget, age 36, b. Ireland, along with William, age 15, b. Connecticut, Ellen, age 4, b. Connecticut, Fanny D., age 3, b. Connecticut, and Henry, age 1, b. Connecticut.
1880 NE CENSUS - Mary A. Guild, age 27, b. Connecticut, is enumerated with husband John L., age 30, occupation farming, b. Connecticut, along with son, Freddy S., age 2, b. Nebraska.
1900 NE CENSUS - Mary A. Guild, age 47, mother of 3 children 2 of whom are living at the time of the census, b. Feb 1853 in Connecticut, is enumerated with her husband of 25 years, John L., age 50, occupation teamster, b. Jul 1849 in Connecticut, along with daughter Lillie M., age 15, b. Feb 1885 in Nebraska.
Mrs. M. A. Guild Missing -- Probably Destroyed Self. 
Woman Leaves Bed Early in Morning and Footprints to River Cause Her Friends to Fear Death. 
Mrs. M.A. Guild of North Salem disappeared from her home in this city early yesterday morning and a searching party found her footprints leading into the Willamette river. It is believed that she either became despondent over ill health and committed suicide or that she walked in her sleep and had fallen into the river. Her body has not yet been recovered. 
Often Threatened. 
Sixty years old and an acute sufferer from ill health, she had often declared to her relatives and friends that some day her body would be found in the river, which is only a few hundred yards from the Guild home. Fearing that she would execute these threats she was closely guarded by her husband and daughter, with whom she had been living. Late last night the husband lay down beside her to rest, worn out by many weary nights of vigilance, and, falling asleep, did not hear her when at an early hour she dressed and crept from the room. She was completely dressed with the exception of shoes, and early this morning tracks of her bare feet were plainly discernible in the sand. 
Grappling for Body. 
Coroner Clough and U. J. Lehman grappled from a boat in the river near where the woman’s tracks signified the body might be, but finally gave up and secured two bloodhounds from the state penitentiary. The dogs followed the steps of the invalid along the sand to about twenty feet from the bank of the river and then retraced. It is not believed by the men in charge of the dogs that the scent could have been lost among the rocks if the woman really went to the brink of the river. A searching party is still working along the waterfront and friends in nearby towns have been notified to watch for the missing woman. Besides a husband, Mrs. Guild leaves a daughter, Mrs. Lily Sampson, of this city, and a son, Fred Guild, of California. Oregon Statesman 21 Aug 1913 1:4 

Remains of Woman Who Committed Suicide Are Discovered. 
The remains of Mrs. M. A. Guild, who disappeared from her home in this city several weeks ago, were found Sunday afternoon about 1 o'clock, two miles below Lincoln, on the Polk county side of the river near that place. Coroner R. L. Chapman of Polk county was notified and later Coroner Clough of this city, who ordered the body buried. Farmers living near where it was found called W. T. Rigdon of this city, who left immediately for the scene. Under his direction the remains were buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery, near Salem, a few hours after discovery, owing to the state of decomposition. 
Floats Several Days. 
According to Corner Clough, the remains of the woman had been floating at least seven days before found. It is thought that the undertow of the river near where the woman disappeaared was so strong and swift that her body was carried several miles before it came to the surface. This accounts for the distance which it traveled down stream before being discovered. 
Oregon Statesman 2 Sep 1913 1:4
At Rest
Mary A. Guild 
1853 - 1913
OSBH DC (Polk County 1913) #2913 
Rigdon Vol 6 #281 
S&H pg 16 
1870 CT CENSUS (Hampton, Windham Co., FA #53)
1880 NE CENSUS (Union Co., Douglas, ED 28, pg 396C)
1900 NE CENSUS (Madison Co., Norfold, ED 127, sheet 12B)
OS 21 Aug 1913 1:4 
OS 2 Sep 1913 1:4

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