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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Whitney Lyon Boise ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Whitney Lyon Boise
BORN: 6 Nov 1862 DIED: 31 Aug 1930 BURIED: 2 Sep 1930
BIRTH PLACE:  Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
DEATH PLACE: Los Angeles, California
Residence 591 Hawthorne avenue; Office 3089 Chamber of Commerce building, Portland, Ore. Born November 6, 1862 at Salem, Ore. Son of Reuben Patrick and Ellen Frances (Lyon) Boise. 
Married July 3, 1900, to Louise H. Hawthorne. Received his earliest education at a log schoolhouse at Ellendale, Polk County, Oregon. Later attended La Creole Academy at Dallas, Ore., the Willamette University, at Salem, Ore., and the University of Oregon, from which he graduated in 1880, with B. S. degree. Read law with Judge R. P. Boise, of Salem and later with Judge Raleigh Stott of Portland. Admitted to the bar at Salem in 1885. 
Commenced the practice of his profession in Portland, in partnership with Judge Stott and Sam Stott under the firm name of Stott, Boise & Stott, which firm continued three years, when the firm of Stott, Waldo, Smith, Stott & Boise was formed, consisting of Judge H. Stott, J. B. Waldo, Seneca Smith, Sam Stott and W. L. Boise. This firm continued until 1891, when the firm again became Stott, Boise & Stott, continuing so until 1896, when Sam Stott retired and George C. Stout entered. 
In 1900 Mr. Boise left this firm and has since practiced alone. 
Member Republican Central Committee 1890 to 1894; Chairman Republican County Committee 1904 to 1906; member Executive Board of Portland under Mayor Williams, 1903-1905; member Arlington, Commercial and Meadow LakeClubs, of Portland. 
Was member of committee sent by the Lewis and Clark Exposition Company to Washington to get appropriation from Congress, the committee consisting of Hon. H. W. Scott, Jefferson Myers, and Mr. Boise. Mr. Boise returned to Washington the second time, with Oscar Huber, and was successful in securing the appropriation. Member for four years Company K, old Oregon State Militia, and upon the organization of Oregon National Guard, served one year in that. Organizer of the East Side Civic Improvement Clubs, and was first president of the United East Side Improvement Associations, consisting of 30 civic organizations on the east side of the river. Was one of the organizers of the Portland Commercial Club, and was at one time president of that body. Republican.
Salem Native Dies Sunday in Los Angeles.
His Career Recalled. 
Whitney L. Boise, native and for many years a resident of Salem, died in the Hollywood hospital at Los Angeles at 4 a.m., Sunday, August 31. The funeral services will be held from the Portland crematorium Wednesday at 2 p.m. 
Whitney Lyon Boise was born in Salem on November 6, 1862, at the old Boise home on the block bounded by Cottage, Chemeketa, Winter and Center streets, his parents being Reuben P. and Ellen F. (Lyon) Boise. 
He was first a pupil in the school at Ellendale, Polk county, afterwards continuing his studies in LaCreole academy at Dallas, while he later became a student in the Willamette university, When in 1879 Prof. T. M. Gatch, then president of the institution, resigned his position to accept a professorship in the State University at Eugene, four members of Willamette’s senior class, the same being Alfred Coolidge, A. F. McClane, Charles Clark and Whitney L. Boise, followed their much admired instructor to Eugene, graduating from the University of Oregon with the class of 1880. 
Was Reporter on Oregon Statesman 
For several of the following years Mr. Boise was a reporter for The Oregon Statesman. He later became a law student under the direction of his father, Judge R. P. Boise, and likewise studied with Judge Raleigh Stott of Portland. In 1885 he was admitted to the bar and opened a law office in Portland where he has since continued, being associated in the practice of his profession at different times with Judge Stott, Judge John H. Waldo and Judge Seneca Smith. Aside from his law practice, Mr. Boise was identified with various important business interests. He was a director of the Hesse-Martin Iron Works, a director of the W. B. Glafke company, wholesale commission merchants, and a director in the Cravan Motor Company. 
Throughout his residence in Portland, Mr. Boise was interested in those projects which have had to do with the development and upbuilding of that city. He was a member of the committee sent by the management of the Lewis and Clark exposition to Washington to secure a congressional appropriation for the exposition, and aided in successfully accomplishing the mission. He was the organizer of the East Side Civic Improvement club and was its first president. Mr. Boise was chairman of the Oregon Land Settlement commission during the term of its existence. 
Worked Faithfully in G.O.P. Ranks 
In politics Mr. Boise was a republican and did effective and earnest work in various campaigns. He was a member of the Multnomah county central committee from 1890 to 1894 and from 1892 ti 1894 of the state central committee, during which period he acted as its chairman. He was made chairman of the republican county committee of Multnomah county in 1904 thus serving for two years. He was a member of the executive board of Portland under Mayor George H. Williams from 1903 to 1905. On the 3rd day of July, 1900, Mr. Boise was married to Miss Louisa H. Hawthorne, a daughter of Dr. J. C. Hawthorne, a prominent Portland physician. 
Mrs. Boise survives her husband. Other surviving relatives reside in this city and are a sister, Mrs. J. H. Lauterman, a brother, Reuben P. Boise, Jr., a nephew Reuben Breyman Boise, and the latter's sons Reuben Eugene and Evan Breyman. 
Oregon Statesman 1 September 1930 3:3
S&H pg 13 
HBB p. 92 
OS 1 September 1930 3:3

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