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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Edwin Eugene Kemp ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Edwin Eugene Kemp
BORN: Abt 1859 DIED: 26 Oct 1913 BURIED: 28 Oct 1913
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Contractor / Decorator
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
OSBH DC (Marion County 1913) #3568 - Edwin Eugene Kemp, male, married, d. 26 Oct 1913 in Salem, Oregon (Armory - Ferry) at the age of 52 years, interment 28 Oct, undertaker Rigdon-Richardson, informant Mrs. E. E. Kemp of Salem, Oregon.
E. E. Kemp Expires Suddenly Sunday Afternoon. 
Local Decorator Attending Meeting at Armory Falls From Chair to Floor and Quickly Passes Away. 
Soon after the meeting at the armory in the interests of a dry campaign here, had opened and while the audience was singing "Throw out the Life Line," E. E. Kemp, of this city fell from his chair in the audience and within a short time, died. A dull thud was heard on the floor when upon looking in the direction the sound came from, Mr. Kemp was seen lying at full length and perfectly still. Several rushed to his aid and in a few minutes carried the unfortunate man to another room. Dr. W. H. Byrd was summoned and arriving quickly upon the scene announced the man was dead. 
Wife Informed. 
A Statesman representative recognizing the man, phoned Schaffer's drug store, as the propretor and the dead man had been well acquainted. Mr. Schaffer told where his residence was, when the newspaper man with Max Buren in the latter's auto went to the residence and not finding Mrs. Kemp at home, they went to the Christian church where they had been told she would be found attending the women's meeting. She was not there. Later in the day neighbors broke the news to Mrs. Kemp upon her arrival home, who hurried to Rigdon's undertaking establishment where the body had been taken. The residence of the Salem man was 597 North Liberty. He was 52 years old. He leaves no children. 
The funeral will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock from the undertaking parlors above mentioned, with Rev. H. E. Marshall in charge of the service. The burial will be in the Odd Fellows cemetery. 
Oregon Statesman 28 Oct 1913 5:1 

Edwin Eugene Kemp Funeral. 
The funeral of Edwin Eugene Kemp was held yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock from Rigdon and Richardson's chapel. Rev. H. E. Marshall officiated and the interment took place in Odd Fellows cemetery. The pall bearers were: W. T. Foster, H. G. Meyer, Joe Adolph, Eugene Eckerlen, L. McConnell and James L. Spence. 
Oregon Statesman 29 Oct 1913 4:4 

Woman in California Thinks Man Who Dropped Dead Here Her Husband. 
Encloses Picture of Husband and Is Notified that Former Mate was Salem Man.
Mrs. Kemp No. 2 Has Many Friends in Salem. 
Deserting his wife in California and coming to Salem about two years ago with a woman he introduced as his wife to the members of the Jason Lee Methodist church and other residents of this city, he alleged to be the record Eugene E. Kemp, alias Edwin E. Kemp, left behind him when he fell dead of heart failure at a prohi[bition] mass meeting in the armory early in November. Alleged facts have come to light during the past few days which seem to show that Kemp was a bigamist. The lease on the property which was made by Kemp about two years ago expires today. 
Came Two Years Ago. 
Kemp came here two years ago and was first noticed with his companion at a chicken pie supper given by the members of the Jason Lee Memorial church. Here he introduced his wife and said that they expected to make their home in Salem for about two years. He stated at that time they had recently come to Oregon from California and that they had been traveling about the country in search of a suitable location for a home. The couple frequently attended the Baptist church during their residence here. 
Dropped Dead. 
The man professed to be an ardent supporter of the prohibition cause and was attending a monster meeting at the armory on Sunday afternoon early in November when he dropped dead. He had been a victim of severe attacks of heart failure, and, according to Coroner A. M. Clough, the excitement of the meeting caused the death. 
Woman Writes. 
Several weeks ago Coroner Clough received a letter from a woman living near Los Angeles, who signed herself Mrs. Eugene E. Kemp. The letter stated that the writer had been informed that a man by the name of Kemp had died in Salem and was buried here, and she was of the belief that the man was her husband. According to the letter Kemp had deserted her in Los Angeles two years ago and came north. She had not heard of him until she was informed of the death in this city. Pictures of the deceased enclosed in the letter corresponded with the appearance of the man known here as Kemp. Expected to Leave. 
It is believed that the Kemps expected to leave Salem the first of this month for the east, as it is reported that they had made arrangements for only a two years stay. To shield the Mrs. Kemp in this city who was unaware of this part of the past, the story of the case has been kept comparatively quiet until yesterday. It is said that Mrs. Kemp will return to relatives in the east within a few days. The Mrs. Kemp in California has been notified that her husband was the Edwin E. Kemp of this city, and that his remains were interred in City View [IOOF] cemetery. 
Has Salem Friends. 
The Mrs. Kemp of Salem has made quite a number of friends here who felt with her very deeply when the sudden death of her companion took place, and now that more has come to light, apparently, than was known of his past, they state that she is innocent of any intentional wrong doing, and that they still believe in her thoroughly. 
Oregon Statesman 4 Dec 1913 5:6
No marker
OSBH DC (Marion County 1913) #3568 
Rigdon Vol 6 #323 
OS 28 Oct 1913 5:1 
OS 29 Oct 1913 4:4 
OS 4 Dec 1913 5:6

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