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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ William H. Brooks ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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William H. Brooks
BORN: 5 Sep 1860 DIED: May 1903 BURIED: 
BIRTH PLACE:  Missouri
DEATH PLACE: Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
William Brooks was age 10 in 1870 and living with his parents, John and Martha Brooks in North Salem precinct.
Wm. H. Brooks Expired in Portland As Result of Appendicitis. Was Raised in This City -- 
Old Newspaper Man and Manager of Portland's Y. M. C. A. Employment Bureau -- 
Competent, Honorable Man. -- 
William W. Brooks well known as a newpaper man and an officer of the Young Men's Christian Association, of Portland, died at the Good Samaitan Hospital, in Portland, Wednesday everning, at 9:40 o'clock, as the result of an operation for appendicitis. Mr. Brooks felt in the best of health until Saturday evening, when he was taken sick and removed to the hospital the next day. He was found to be suffering from appendicitis. The actual operation was not the cause of his death, but the attending shock and strain to his frail system was too great and he died last evening at 9:50. Mr. Brooks was known in Portland as the managing editor of the "Pacific Baptist", with which he was connected for seven years. Early in February he took up a new work with the Young Sunday school. He was in every way the employment department, and he made it far more successful than the management of the Association had thought possible. He was the meanso of placing many a worthy man and boy in permanent positions, whole the system established by him obtained the best possible aids for the employer. He will be gratefully remembered by many to whom he lent a helping hand in their upward career. His virtual possition as press agent of the Portland Association brought him into touch with the newspaper men of the city, with whom his relations were very cordial. Mr. Brooks was a deacon in the First Baptist church, and a teacher in the Sunday school. He was in every way a prominent church worker, especially among the societies of young people. Conscious to the very last moment, Mr. Brooks sent his farewell to his many absent friends. Gathered at his bedsied were his wife and 14-year-old daughter, his brother, Dr. Frank M. Brooks, of Silverton, and his sisters, Mrs. E. P. Hodnet, and Miss Lenore Brooks, both of Portland. W. W. Brooks was born in Missouri, September 5, 1860. He came to Oregon with his parents in 1864, and was educated in the public schools and Dallas College. He was married to Miss Alice Morell on December 15, 1887. Most of his life was spent in newspaper and religious periodical work in Oregon City and Independence. Seven years ago he came to Portland to take the position of managing editor of the "Pacific Baptist" which position he held until a little more thatn three months ago, when he resigned to enter the work of the Young Mens Christian Association. The employment bureau was a new department, and Mr. Brooks was by common consent of the management placed in charge. "In the three months he has been with us he has built up a remarkable department," said H. W. Stone, general secretary of the Association. "He was an indefatigable worker, and his department succeeded far beyond our expectations." The other surviving relatives are a father, John Brooks; four brothers, J. H. of Silverton; Clyde C., Los Angeles, California; E. A. and Dr. B. F. of Washington; and Mr. R. H. Leabo, as sister of this city. He was preceded to the other land, the "Great Unknown," by three sisters and the mother, the latter of whom died in this city on September 13, 1888. Far beyond the pale of the Will W. Brooks' family the news of his sudden demise will be heard with sadness, sincere and spontaneous, by the multitude of men and women in and about Salem, his home during many years, who knew and loved him for his gentleness, his unfaltring honesty, and for those attributes that made his prime so wholesome, manly and gracious. He was a man of clean ideals and lived up to them with a devotion (and success) rarely achieved. Abroad, among men, he was genial, honest, helpful and companionable, and in the home where he delighted to be, he was cherished for the wisdom, tenderness and loving solicitude of a good husband and father. Brave and hopeful always he met life's obstacles cheerfully and went his way with gladness for the success and the brightness that came to him; and with unfailing patience in hours of strife. He will be sorely missed, but he will be happily and lovingly remembered by many to whom his constant cheerfulness was as a well of courage. The remains will be brought to this city on the 11 o'clock train this (Friday) morning, and will be taken to the First Baptist church, where services will be conducted by Rev. Dr. Blackburn, pastor of the Baptist church of Portland, assisted by Rev. Wm. F. Cliffe, pastor of the Salem Baptist church. From the church the cortege will proceed to the Odd Fellows' cemetery, where interment will be had. Oregon Statesman, May 1903
1870 Census of North Salem pct., pg. 71
OS May 1903 

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