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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Ferne Marie Hellie ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Ferne Marie Hellie
MAIDEN NAME: Hibbard AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 21 Aug 1929 DIED: 22 Mar 2009 BURIED: 27 Mar 2009
BIRTH PLACE:  Misourie, India
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
Name of father Gerald Hibbard
Name of mother - Marjorie
MARRIAGE - to William "Bill" Hellie on 18 Jun 1951
Ferne was born in Misourie, India to missionary parents Gerald and Marjorie Hibbard. At age two, the family returned to Portland, Oregon in the midst of the Great Depression. Due to the lack of work, Ferne's father, mother, uncle, aunt and her brother Forrest drove to LA for work on a Harley Davidson with side car attached. They rode in a box in the back which also held all of their belongings. Her father sat on a 2 x 4 behind her uncle who drove. Ferne went to Walla Walla College where she met her future husband, William "Bill" Hellie. Ferne and Bill were opposites. Ferne was sweet while Bill was considered "wild" wearing his leather jacket riding his Harley Davidson. They fell in love and were married June 18, 1951. They moved to Salem in 1952 with their daughter, Karyn. Soon their son, Chip (William Jr.) joined the family. Ferne was a devoted mother to Chip and Karyn as well as grandmother to her only grandchild, Ryan Pfau. Ferne also considered and loved as daughters, Sue (Chip's wife) and Erin (Ryan's wife). Ferne loved children and she considered all of her children's friends her children too. She was voted "Mother of the Year" at Livingston Jr. Academy. Ferne was a librarian at Sprague High School for many years. She was very interested in Genealogy and volunteered her skills at the Oregon State Library. Because of her interest in Oregon history, she wrote about Mt. Hope Cemetery, with a story about every person who is buried there. This book is in its third edition. She was currently involved for the last 15 years, putting family stories and obituaries on the over 8000 pioneers that are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery on a website. Ferne was also the secretary to the North West Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum. The building of the Museum had been a dream for Ferne and Bill along with other car enthusiasts in Oregon. She wrote a grant for the Museum recently and it was awarded $100,000. The Museum is dedicating their Library to Ferne and it will be named the Ferne Hellie Library. We wish to thank Ferne's many friends who included friends from the Oregon State Library, Pioneer Cemetery, Oregon State Fair, Bunco Group and the NWVCMM for all their kindness and support. We thank the many nurses and doctors who cared for Ferne, especially Chris Washington who provided 24 hour nursing care so Ferne could be home with her family as well as Odyssey Hospice Care. We especially want to thank Addy and Stanton Rickey who so graciously has offered their plot in Pioneer Cemetery for Ferne's final resting place. She would be so honored to know this. Ferne was a very happy, loving, intelligent lady, and was loved by many. We consider it to be an honor and a pleasure to have known and loved her. Donations can be made to the Northwest Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum and Odyssey Hospice Care. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday, March 27 at Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service, Salem. Interment will follow at Pioneer Cemetery. 
Statesman-Journal 25 Mar 2009
SJ 25 Mar 2009

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