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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Rebecca Waterman Aitken ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Rebecca Waterman Aitken
MAIDEN NAME: Eves AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 5 Apr 1842 DIED: 6 Feb 1920 BURIED: 9 Feb 1920
DEATH PLACE: Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon
IOOF - Rebecca Aitken, age 77, died in Roseburg.
1895 Census of Marion Co., Oregon, pg. 1: Aitken, Rebecca, b. Canada, 5'3", 117#, light, housekeeper, Protestant, female, age 52.
1880 CENSUS - Rebecca Aitken, age 38, b. Canada, is enumerated with husband James Aitken, age 44, farmer, b. Scotland, and children Agnes, age 12, b. Kansas, Anna, age 11, b. Kansas, Grace, age 10 b. Kansas, George E., age 8, b. Oregon, Belle, age 6, b. Oregon, Mary, age 4, b. Oregon and James, infant, b. Oregon. Also enumerated with the family is Hannah Eves, identified as the mother-in-law of James, widow, age 73, b. Pennsylvania.
1920 CENSUS - Rebeca [sic] Aitken, age 77, b. Canada, is enumerated with husband James Aitken, farmer, age 85, b. Scotland, who immigrated in 1857 (NA 1860).
OSBH DC (Douglas County 1920) #30 - Rebecca Waterman Aitken, female, married (James Aitken), Housewife, b. 5 Apr 1842 in Canada, d. 6 Feb 1920 in Roseburg, Oregon at the age of 77 y's 10 m's 1 day, name of father Issiac Eves (b. Canada), maiden name of mother Anna Plater (b. Canada), interment 9 Feb, undertaker M. E. Ritter of Roseburg, informant Mary Aitken of Roseburg, Oregon.
Funeral of Mrs. Aitkens Will be Held Here Today. 
The body of Mrs. Rebecca Aitkens, formerly of this city, and who died at her home at Edenbower, near Roseburg, will arrive today on the 1:50 p.m. Southern Pacific and the funeral party, in charge of the Webb & Clough company will go immediately to the grave, which will be in the Odd Fellows cemetery where services will be held. Dr. R.N. Avison will officiate. 
Mrs. Aitkens was the wife of James A. Aitkens, and during her residence here was prominent in the civic life of the city. Mr. and Mrs. Aitkens came to Salem in 1887 and lived for 10 years following. From here they went to Baker and later moved to Edenbower where they lived for 10 years. Mrs. Aitkens is survived by her husband, four daughters, Mrs. Belle Henshaw of Roseburg, Mrs. Agnes Jalmer, Uniontown, Kans.; Mrs. Anna Barzee of Toleda, Or.; and Miss Mary Aitkens of Portland, and by two sons, George Aitkens of Sisters, Or., and James Aitkens, Jr., in the United States navy, now stationed in France. Oregon Statesman 10 Feb 1920 8:5-6
Rebecca Eves Aitken 
1842 - 1920 
IOOF Regisger of Burials 
OSBH DC (Douglas County 1920) #30 
1880 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Sublimity Pct., FA #138) 
1895 Census of Marion Co., Oregon, pg. 1 
1920 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Salem ED 148, sheet 4A) 
S&H pg 76 
OS 10 Feb 1920 8:5-6
LOT: 950 SPACE: 4 SW LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.184' LATITUDE: W 123° 03.016'

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