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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Emily A. Boise ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Emily A. Boise
MAIDEN NAME: Pratt AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 8 Jan 1828 DIED: 26 Mar 1919 BURIED: 28 Mar 1919
BIRTH PLACE:  Oxford, Massachusetts
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon

Name of father Elijah Pratt

OSBH DC (Marion County 1919) #213 - Mrs. Emily A. Boise, female, widowed (Reuben Boise Sr.), Housewife, b. 8 Jan 1828 in Massachusetts, d. 26 Mar 1919 in Salem, Oregon (475 N. Summer St.) at the age of 91 y's 2 m's. 14 d's, name of father Elijah Pratt (b. Vermont), name of mother was Polley (b. Massachusetts), interment 28 Mar 1919, undertaker Webb & Clough, Informant R. P. Boise Jr.
Mrs. R. P. Boise, whose passing at two o’clock a.m. on Wednesday March 26, 1919 was very briefly announced yesterday morning, was one of Salem’s oldest and most prominent residents. Her maiden name was Emily Pratt, born January 8, 1828, at Oxford Mass. The family shortly removed to Webster, Mass., where she grew up, receiving a splendid education. In 1860, she came to Oregon by way of the Isthmus of Panama and Hawaii to Oregon. When she arrived here she took up her residence with her brother; Captain L. W. Pratt, at the Island House, then standing just north of North Mill creek, on Liberty street, which hotel was conducted in connection with the old Willamette Woolen mills, of which Captain Pratt was then superintendent. The woolen mill was some years later destroyed by fire. The Island House was afterwards moved a few hundred feet north and stood there until a dozen or more years ago, when it was burned. Miss Pratt taught in the Salem public schools until she was married on December 27, 1866, to the late Judge R. P. Boise, for many years honorable and ably connected with the Judicial history and life of Oregon, as circuit judge and justice of the supreme court. Judge Boise passed into the great beyond in Salem on April 10, 1907. After their marriage, they made their home for many years in the historic Jason Lee house, on North Liberty street, the first house built in Salem. The mills of which Jason Lee himself helped to hew. The house was opposite the missionary saw and grist mills, built soon after. The children from this marriage were Ellen S. Boise, drowned at Sea View, Wash. In August 1891, and Maria “May”, wife of John H. Lauterman, with whom the deceased had lived for a long time, and whose home at 475 North Summer street she passed quietly and peacefully to rest, as stated, yesterday morning at two, after a very short illness brought on by a severe cold. Whitney L. Boise of Portland and R. P. Boise of Salem are foster children of the good woman who has gone to her rest. Of the Captain L. E. Pratt children there are: Mrs. May Haas and Mrs. Ida Babcock of Salem, and William E. Pratt of Oregon City. Mrs. C. M. Parmenter, long of Salem, deceased a few years ago, was a sister, and the Parmenter children are Misses Nellie and Anna B. Parmenter and Mrs. H. A. Cornell of Portland, and Charles Parmenter of Salem. A brother of the deceased, Dr. William E. Pratt, was a well-known Boston physician until his death a few years ago. The good woman gone before was prominent in all things uplifting in this vicinity for a long term of years. She was a member of the First Congregational church. She was a good wife, mother, neighbor, and a true friend. She lived a life of usefulness and faithfulness long beyond the scripturally alloted time, being active for one of her years even up to a day before her passing. The funeral will be from the home at two o’clock tomorrow, under the direction of Rev. W. C. Kantner, pastor of the First Congregational church, and the interment will be in the family plot at the I.O.O.F. cemetery. 
Source - Chapman Scrapbook 

Passing of Mrs. Boise Takes Loved Woman from Community 
The funeral of Mrs. Emily Pratt Boise, who passed to the great beyond March 26, 1919, was held at the home where she lived at 475 North Summer street, with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lauterman, on Friday afternoon, March 29. The services were under the direction of Rev. W. C. Kantner, pastor of the First Congregational church, who paid a beautiful tribute to the pioneer woman so loved and honored who had been for so long interested in all good works in Salem and who so peacefully passed to her rest in her ninety-second year. Mrs. Durdall sang beautifully "The Perfect Day." The pall bearers were Supreme Judge T. A. McBride, Charles Weller, J. A. Baker, F. K. Lovell, H. C. Fletcher, and R. J. Hendricks. The floral offerings were many and beautiful. The interment was in Rural cemetery, by the side of her late husband, Judge R. P. Boise, who was so long and so prominently connected with the judicial history of Oregon, serving on the circuit and supreme court benches. 
Oregon Statesman 6 Apr 1919, 5:3-4.
Emily A. 
Wife of 
R. P. Boise 
Jan. 8, 1828 
March 26, 1916
OSBH DC (Marion Co., 1919) #213 
S&H pg 13 
Chapman pg 231
OS 6 Apr 1919 5:3-4

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