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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Henry Daniel Boon ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Henry Daniel Boon
BORN: 1839 DIED: 15 Jan 1888 BURIED: 16 Jan 1888
BIRTH PLACE:  Zanesville, Muskingum Co., Ohio
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - Henry D. Boon, died in Salem of heart disease, deceased was well known having kept a book and stationery store in Salem for many years.
1880 OR CENSUS - H. D. Boon, age 38, b. Ohio, occupation stationary store, is enumerated with wife Duenna Boon, age 30, b. Missouri, and children Emit R., age 8, Daisy, age 6, Cora, age 4, and Sheila, age 1, all born in Oregon, also a servant, last name Heckman, female, age 21, b. Pa.
Doctors McAfee and W. H. Byrd yesterday made a second attempt to arouse H. D. Boon from his lethargic condition, but without success. Dr. McAfee says that Mr. Boon’s stupor is due to a mnemic condition of the brain, into which it fell Tuesday night, and he considers that a fatal termination of his illness can not be avoided. Though Mr. Boon, unfortunately for himself, was accustomed to occasional lapses into dissipation, it is due to him and his family to state that at the time of his sudden illness he was perfectly sober, and had just returned from attendance at the revival meetings at the Christian church. He must have been lying on the floor for an hour or more when discovered by his son. It can be but a short time when Henry Boon will have breathed his last. 
Daily Oregon Statesman 4 Jan 1888, 3:1 

Cannot Live--H. D. Boon’s condition at 9 o’clock last night was such that his attending physicians thought it impossible that he could live until morning. He has at no time aroused from his stupor. 
Daily Oregon Statesman 5 Jan 1888, 3:3. 

DIED-- At his residence in Salem, Oregon, Sunday, January 15th, 1888, at 7 a.m., Henry D. Boon, aged 49. Mr. Boon’s death was the result of the paralytic stroke of the brain he received last Tuesday night. From the first his physicians were unable to lend to the bereaved family any hopes of his recovery. Henry D. Boon was born in Zanesville, Ohio, in 1849. When quite young he emigrated with his parents to Oregon, and he was for many years a prominent citizen of Salem, engaged in the book and stationery business at the stand now occupied by T. McF. Patton. He was well known as a politician and was for a long time chairman of the Marion county democratic central committee. 
He had many friends, and no enemies. He leaves a wife and several children. 
The funeral took place yesterday morning from his residence on Liberty street, Elder J. W. Webb officiating. Mr. Webb took for his text, "As my soul liveth, there is but a step between me and death," and paid a fitting tribute to the memory of the deceased. The procession to the IOOF cemetery was then formed, the pall bearers being M. L. Chamberlin, J. G. Wright, J. A. Barker, Wm. Herren, Ed. Lamport, and J. H. Hass. Relatives from Portland, B. F. Boon, Mrs. David Cole, and Mrs. Morgan and daughter were present at the funeral. 
Daily Oregon Statesman 17 Jan 1888, 3:3. 

Mrs. Morgan and son, Byron Boon of Portland, who came to attend the funeral of their brother, Henry Boon, returned home yesterday. 
Daily Oregon Statesman Jan 17, 1888, 3:4.
Henry Daniel Boone 
1839 - 1888
LR 040 
LD 632 
IOOF Register of Burials
Saucy Survey & Photographs 
1880 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Salem Pct., FA #49) 
DOS 14 Jan 1888, 3:1 
DOS 15 Jan 1888, 3:3 
DOS 17 Jan 1888, 3:3 
OS 4 Jan 1889 (Necrology) 
BOONE FAMILY MEMORIES: Historical Research Calendar [for 2001], 1666-1890, by Ed and Arlene Buschert.
LOT: 632 SPACE:  LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.163' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.910'

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