Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Ruth DeVol ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
Ruth DeVol
BORN: 1827 DIED: 25 Mar 1886 BURIED: 26 Mar 1886
BIRTH PLACE:  Pennsylvania
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon

IOOF - Mrs. B. C. Duvol [sic], age 62, died in Mill Creek, N. Salem of drowning.

MARRIAGE - 31 Jul 1845 to Joseph DeVol. Washington Co., Ohio, Marriage Records, 1774-1993

1880 OH CENSUS - Ruth DeVol, age 55, b. Pennsylvania, is enumerated with husband Joseph C. DeVol, age 62, b. Ohio, occupation boatman, along with daughters Mary, age 28, occupation school teacher, b. Ohio, and Annie, age 20, b. Ohio.
DISCREPANCY - name of husband is Joseph C. DeVol,  obit gives name of husband as B.C. DeVol/Duval.


DROWNED -- THE WIFE OF B. C. Devol [J. C. DeVol] Falls Into North Mill Creek and is Drowned. 

At the northermost end of Liberty street, just on the north side of north Mill creek, is a small, square shaped, drab colored cottage. The rear of the cottage rests almost on the bank of the creek, and a foot bridge crosses from the back door of the cottage to the south side of the creek. This was the scene of a very sad accident yesterday, which took a loving wife and kind parent to that "great unknown world beyond the shores of time" 
The cottage spoken of is the residence of B. C. Devol [J.C. DeVol] and family which yesterday consisted of wife and one daughter. Yesterday, a short time after noon, Mrs. Duval [DeVol] , over whose head had passed three score years, took a tub of water out of the back door, intending to empty it from the foot bridge into the creek. A few minutes after she disappeared through the door, the daughter, who was in the house, heard a splash and heard the mother scream and ran to the door. All she saw was the father running down the street towards the creek. Mr. Devol [DeVol] and been standing in the street and saw Mrs. Devol [DeVol] fall head foremost into the seething waters. With rare presence of mind, Mr. Duval [DeVol] ran to the creek and swam to the current where his beloved wife and helpmate of years gone by, was swiftly floating at the mercy of the waters. He grasped her by the head and tried to keep her head out of the water until he could catch bottom against the strong current, or could manage to get to shore; but while attempting this he sank twice himself. The creek makes a curve in the shape of a horseshoe, from the footbridge off which Mrs. Devol fell, around the old factory property. At the south west part of the old factory lot the creek executes the sharpest curve of the shoe and here a barbed wire fence has been built and considerable drift wood having caught has formed a sort of an eddy. This is fully 200 yards below the foot bridge and 100 yards below the bridge across at Liberty street, where Mr. Devol first caught the floating form of his wife. It was not until they had been washed into this eddy that Mr. Devol was able to get out of the creek with his burthen. It was thought that there was yet life when she was taken from the creek, but death must have followed immediately after if such were the case. 
Dr. J. N. Smith first appeared at the scene of the accident, and Dr. C. H. Hall came soon after. Able efforts as resuscitation proved fruitless, and it soon became evident that the husband had only, after all his hard trial and tussle with the rushing waters, been able to rescue the inanimate form of his wife. The husband's head bowed with grief when told there was no hope, and the shock was almost heavier than the family could bear. 
The deceased was the mother of four children, two sons and two daughters, all of whom survive her. 
The family came here from Beverly, Ohio, about seven years ago, and it would appear that fortune had been unkind ever since. The sons, who are foundrymen, have met reverses of which our readers have heard. George, the eldest son, arrived last night from Portland, the other brother is in Montana. 
The accident has cast a deep gloom over all the residents of that part of the city. Mrs. Devol was sixty years of age and was very highly respected. The bereaved family have the heartfelt sympathy of a host of kind friends.
Oregon Statesman 26 March 1886 3:2 

The funeral services of Mrs. Joseph Devol will be held at the Presbyterian church at 2 p.m. today (Friday), Rev. E. J. Thompson officiating. Thence to the cemetery. Friends of the family are invited. 
Oregon Statesman 26 Mar 1886 3:3


Ruth DeVol 
1827 - 1886
(shares marker with Joseph C.)


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