Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ John H. Folck ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
John H. Folck
MAIDEN NAME:  AKA 1: Folkes AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
TITLE:  GENDER: M MILITARY: Civil War - Confederate
BORN: Abt 1828 DIED: 9 Jan 1886 BURIED: Jan 1886
BIRTH PLACE:  Maryland
DEATH PLACE: Marion Co., Oregon
BURIAL - not confirmed.  His 1st wife, Susan Munkers Folck is buried here with her parents.

1st MARRIAGE - "John H. Folck & Susan J. Munkers, m 10 Jan 1864 at house of Wm. Riley Munkers; Alvan F. Waller M. G. Wet: M. D. Surggett & James Munkers. Consent of W. R. Munkers #677 pg 219 & Bk 1 pg 18".
1870 OR CENSUS - John H. Folck, age 42, occupation farmer, b. Maryland, is enumerated with Susan J., age 25, b. Missouri, along with Sophia, age 6, b. Oregon, Mildred, age 4, b. Oregon, and Gertrude, age 2, b. Oregon. 
2nd MARRIAGE - "J. H. Folck & Nancy McCubbins, m 05 Apr 1974 at house of bride's parents; John Brooks, J. P.  Wit: Issac Lebo & Samuel H. Kroop #1651 pg 92."
1880 OR CENSUS - John H. Folck, age 52, occupation farmer, b. Maryland, is enumerated with Nancy, age 33, b. Missouri, along with Sophia, age 15, b. Oregon, Mildred, age 14, b. Oregon, Anna G., age 12, b. Oregon, Grover, age 10, b. Oregon, and Adolphus, age 3, b. Oregon.  Also enumerated with the family is Andrew McCubbin, age 33, occupation laborer, b. Kentucky.
PROBATE - "Folck, John H., File #1610. Intestate.  Died 02 Nov 1895. Adms: Grover Folck & N. Simmons, 11 Nov 1895.  Heirs Sophia Simmons, 31, Marion Co.; Millie Folck, 29, Portland; Anna G. Johnson, 27, Portland; Grover Folck, 25, Marion Co.; Adolphus W. Folck, 18, Marion Co.; E. Ray Folck, 13, Marion Co.; M. May Folck, 9, Marion Co.; Bertha Folck, widow."
GUARDIANSHIP of children of John H. Folck -  Folck Ray E & May - File #1886.  Guardianship of minor heirs of J. H. Folck.  Gdn: Millie Folck, Portland, 03, Jul 1899 - one of nearest relatives.  Grover Folck oldest half-brother.  Ray E. Folck, son, 17 [over 21 on May 26, 1903]; May, dtr, 13 [over 21 on 27 Feb 1905]."
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